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Spreading the Love

In each of our brick-and-mortar stores (six Trek Bicycle Stores), we have a customer database that tracks purchases and stores contact info. In that, we’re exactly like every other retailer who has a computerized point-of-sale operation. Why do they ask you for your phone number when you buy batteries at Radio Shack? Because they’re building [...]

Making It Count

Though I’ve repeatedly tried to make it so, my duties in the Midwestern cycling empire of our owners, Jay and Kent, encompass more than just writing this column. During the winter, I can play pretend pretty well — there’s not much going on in the shops, so I can say witty things online and keep [...]

I’m In the Right Place

On one of my mid-afternoon walkabouts yesterday (yeah, I wander around town sometimes — so what?), I ended up at the Midwest Cycling (’s parent company) warehouse in beautiful La Vista, Neb. What’s in the La Vista warehouse, considering the Velogear warehouse is in St. Louis? Bikes. Lots and lots of bikes are in the [...]

Helpful Hints

With the exceptions of a few select areas, I’m no expert on anything. (Those areas are socks, chamois creme and talking about bikes so frequently at home that I basically have carte blanche to bring home whatever I see fit, so long as we can still eat. And so long as I shut up about [...]

Open Season

If it’s 70 degrees in Omaha in March, it’s windy. These are among the things you learn pretty quickly around these parts. With extra daylight … finally … and warmer temperatures, rides are popping up at all times of day. I rolled out with a group at 6 last night – complete with the standard [...]

We Made It … Somehow

Those of you who don’t spend your winters in a deep-freeze, with almost no daylight to speak of past 5 p.m. and with a constant snow/ice/thaw cycle can ignore this next bit: Holy crap! Daylight saving time starts Sunday, it’s going to be 50 today, 60 tomorrow and maybe even warmer soon. And pretty soon [...]

Garage Sale

Initial impressions upon switching from running to cycling: Wow, this is fun! Wow, this is really expensive! $50 for shorts, and those are the not-so-good ones? Eesh. I quickly realized the days of $70 for a pair of shoes that would cover five or six months of running were long gone. So my wife and [...]

Food For Thought

I got a note from Jay, one of our owners the other day. That, in itself, is not really a big deal. On any given day, I get upward of a dozen notes from Jay. They range from, “Keep an eye out for … ” to “Let’s try to get this taken care of …” [...]

The Winter Line

I’m wearing shorts today. That’s not a determined declaration or anything – I’m really wearing shorts. And not bike shorts. Regular shorts. It’s going to hit 70 (or thereabouts) today in Omaha. That little factoid is notable for a couple of reasons. One being the date: February 17. It’s a bit early for 70 degrees. [...]

What Would Gutenberg Do?

Allow me a minute, if you will, to go out on a limb: You subscribe to a cycling magazine of some sort. I jumped to that conclusion after guessing that if you came here in search of the good stuff, you’re sufficiently into the sport to warrant a subscription to a regular periodical. Am I [...]