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Different Priorities

We are in the midst of a fairly unbelievable run of weather in Nebraska — we haven’t seen snow since I went all-in and bought winter boots and snow tires and fenders. The tires are hanging on a hook, yet to be mounted. The boots have been unnecessary because it’s been so warm. Last week, [...]

Wardrobe amnesia

My favorite times of year are when the seasons change. Having lived in the Midwest my entire life, I’ve witnessed plenty of these transformations — it never gets old. (Additionally, I never really mind that crazy day or two each summer where the high is somehow 60 and it’s dark and cloudy the entire time. [...]

Spreading the Love

In each of our brick-and-mortar stores (six Trek Bicycle Stores), we have a customer database that tracks purchases and stores contact info. In that, we’re exactly like every other retailer who has a computerized point-of-sale operation. Why do they ask you for your phone number when you buy batteries at Radio Shack? Because they’re building [...]

Capo – Exclusive Interview With Capo’s Gary Vasconi

The following is an exclusive interview with Capo’s Gary Vasconi. We like the Capo stuff…a lot. Here’s a look behind the scenes at what motivates Gary and the Capo crew to design and create some of the very best riding gear on the market. Tell us about you and your partners at Upland Sports group: [...]

“Wriders” Wanted – ALL THE DETAILS Launches VeloGear Test Team Online retailer now accepting applications for product reviewers May 30, 2010 – Omaha, NE – Citing a lack of quality peer-review in the softgoods channel, Kent McNeill and Jay Thomas decided to start their own. Beginning Friday, May 8th they’ll be accepting applications for the VeloGear Test Team, an online [...]

Hey Ansel Adams…GET OVER HERE.

The climbers and surfers have OWNED this sort of imagery ever since Duke Kahanamoku first paddled into the north shore waters and Sir Edmund Hillary bade Tenzing Norgay to fetch him more yak milk for his tea. Not anymore.

VeloGear’s Backyard – Velo Jones Goes to Nebrasky

Part One of “Velo Jones Diaries – The Planes, Trains and Automobiles Chapters” The past two weeks have seen Velo Jones traipsing all over the Central Rockies and points east. Ever wonder about that lone exit dubbed “No Name” off I-70 just before you pull into Glenwood Springs? Stayed there. For 2 nights. In what could [...]

I am the Nina. The Pinta…

…THE SANTA. MARIA! (Caution -  The easily offended should veer off HERE.) That one line from that one song has always had a crazy effect – it’s like someone stomped on in to my personal mental cave and started poking the ill-tempered bear that lives there. Belligerently. Willfully. Gleefully. Infuriatingly. Waking it up from it’s slumber and prodding [...]

One Bike to Rule Them All: Bike Lust. Of the MTB Strain.

Our friends over on the “Singletrack” Facebook fan page posted a question the other day that seemed to catch people’s interest. The answers are funny, emlightening and most of all, spread across the entire spectrum of possibility. With their generous permission we’re going to re-post all the responses here. Enjoy. Singletrack: If you could pick [...]

The Legend of Ricky von Ricky, American Cycling Superstar

The roots of American cycling legend Ricky von Ricky are explored.