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Capo – Exclusive Interview With Capo’s Gary Vasconi

The following is an exclusive interview with Capo’s Gary Vasconi. We like the Capo stuff…a lot. Here’s a look behind the scenes at what motivates Gary and the Capo crew to design and create some of the very best riding gear on the market. Tell us about you and your partners at Upland Sports group: [...]

Hey Ansel Adams…GET OVER HERE.

The climbers and surfers have OWNED this sort of imagery ever since Duke Kahanamoku first paddled into the north shore waters and Sir Edmund Hillary bade Tenzing Norgay to fetch him more yak milk for his tea. Not anymore.

VeloGear’s Backyard – Velo Jones Goes to Nebrasky

Part One of “Velo Jones Diaries – The Planes, Trains and Automobiles Chapters” The past two weeks have seen Velo Jones traipsing all over the Central Rockies and points east. Ever wonder about that lone exit dubbed “No Name” off I-70 just before you pull into Glenwood Springs? Stayed there. For 2 nights. In what could [...]

Meditation as Mental Training

Guest Post by: Sage Rountree Meditation teaches patience, acceptance, and equanimity, all important mental skills for athletes. Sitting quietly for long periods cultivates endurance, as you learn to receive feedback from your body and mind while you patiently remain still. As you meditate, you’ll constantly shepherd your thoughts back to the present moment, which helps [...]