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Three Weeks in July

For the last two years, my son has cried at the end of the Tour de France. I’m fairly certain it had much, much less to do with drama and the thrill of victory and much more to do with not getting to watch TV while eating breakfast. Hey, you take what you can get. [...]

Bad Influences

Hello there. Sorry for the long delay between posts. I’d like to say I was on Velogear special assignment, traveling Europe and taking in the Giro. In truth, I was out of bourbon. But my stock has been replenished, so all is well. During the hiatus, word came down of a new Strava land-speed record [...]

Prepare For Battle

There are few things cyclists enjoy more than new gear. Unwrapping and installing fresh bits on a bike has to be one of life’s simpler pleasures. In the absence of actual new gear to unwrap and install, looking at and dreaming about new gear is a passable time-waster. If you’ve been wasting as much time [...]

Master of His Domain

If you’re the type to pay attention to such things, you’ve undoubtedly been keeping close watch on the cobbled classics — Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. Since I tend to watch Twitter more than shaky livestream coverage, I’ve spent the last two weeks getting dropped by the local peloton in all manner of conditions: flats, [...]

Live Stream

With a few exceptions, I don’t watch bike races online. Though we live in a time of unprecedented access to sporting events, sitting in front of my computer at 8 in the morning and not getting paid for it ranks low on my list of priorities. I’m the exception here at Velogear. Most everybody else [...]

Things You Don’t Need

Like any good sport, cycling gets hung up for weeks on end (or months) about the latest tech innovation or race strategy or scandal or whatnot. Usually, it’s a lot like the football world blathering on and on about Tim Tebow. There’s an awful lot of hype, but in the end there’s no substance. (Or [...]

Promises, Promises

There’s a story this morning on VeloNews that helped ring in the day with a chuckle. That’s, of course, assuming that finding my son wrapping an old PlayStation controller around the dog’s head and getting ready to lead him around wasn’t funny enough. (Well, it was and it wasn’t.) The story on VeloNews was an [...]

Fat Jokes

For the last few months, trending topics in cycling have included the following: cyclocross, disc brakes for cyclocross, Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong, new SRAM Red and fat bikes. For all items except the last one, I get it (even if disc brakes on ‘cross bikes are dumb for racing). Those make sense — I can [...]

The Pinnacle of Cycling? Oof.

It’s mid-February and the professional racing season is nearly upon us. I say nearly because, though there have been a handful of races already, nobody really cares about them. Flat race across a desert with nobody at the finish line except the officials? Hoooo, boy. Sign me up! If nothing else, the early season races [...]

Long Gone

I’ve been asked a few times over the past week or so for my take on the Alberto Contador/Lance Armstrong/Jan Ullrich thing. Or, basically, how do you feel about doping/alleged doping/getting fat? And, despite my best efforts to summon a not insignificant amount of rage, I cannot. I just don’t care. That’s not a reflection [...]