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Live Stream

With a few exceptions, I don’t watch bike races online. Though we live in a time of unprecedented access to sporting events, sitting in front of my computer at 8 in the morning and not getting paid for it ranks low on my list of priorities. I’m the exception here at Velogear. Most everybody else [...]

Things You Don’t Need

Like any good sport, cycling gets hung up for weeks on end (or months) about the latest tech innovation or race strategy or scandal or whatnot. Usually, it’s a lot like the football world blathering on and on about Tim Tebow. There’s an awful lot of hype, but in the end there’s no substance. (Or [...]

Promises, Promises

There’s a story this morning on VeloNews that helped ring in the day with a chuckle. That’s, of course, assuming that finding my son wrapping an old PlayStation controller around the dog’s head and getting ready to lead him around wasn’t funny enough. (Well, it was and it wasn’t.) The story on VeloNews was an [...]