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Fat Jokes

For the last few months, trending topics in cycling have included the following: cyclocross, disc brakes for cyclocross, Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong, new SRAM Red and fat bikes. For all items except the last one, I get it (even if disc brakes on ‘cross bikes are dumb for racing). Those make sense — I can [...]

The Pinnacle of Cycling? Oof.

It’s mid-February and the professional racing season is nearly upon us. I say nearly because, though there have been a handful of races already, nobody really cares about them. Flat race across a desert with nobody at the finish line except the officials? Hoooo, boy. Sign me up! If nothing else, the early season races [...]

Long Gone

I’ve been asked a few times over the past week or so for my take on the Alberto Contador/Lance Armstrong/Jan Ullrich thing. Or, basically, how do you feel about doping/alleged doping/getting fat? And, despite my best efforts to summon a not insignificant amount of rage, I cannot. I just don’t care. That’s not a reflection [...]