Different Priorities

We are in the midst of a fairly unbelievable run of weather in Nebraska — we haven’t seen snow since I went all-in and bought winter boots and snow tires and fenders. The tires are hanging on a hook, yet to be mounted. The boots have been unnecessary because it’s been so warm.

Last week, we rode in summer kit and earned honest-to-goodness tan lines in the first week of January … in Nebraska. It’s been so nice, we feel obligated to get outside because we know how bad it could be. Thankfully, my wife understands this and has put up with me taking the long way home a few times over the last couple of weeks.

This understanding has not reached our son, who, since dumping his training wheels at the end of summer, has gone on to master a few of the neighborhood hills, a portion of the mountain bike loop near our house and has talked about building a ramp. On a nearly 60-degree January day, I finished a road ride and was getting ready to change shoes to ride with him over on the dirt. But he said no.

He said he didn’t want to go ride his bike. He wanted to play with his Legos.

“It’ll be warm again in the spring,” he said.

What? It’s 60 degrees! You wouldn’t have to wear a coat or hat! It’s January!

“Nah. I’ll wait until next weekend.”

From the adult point of view, crazy January weather is something to grab onto before it’s too late. We all know what’s coming — it will snow — so you’d better not waste this unlikely reprieve.

From the 4-year-old point of view … well, there’s a Lego situation going on right now. And these little blocks aren’t going to put themselves back together. As for the weather, he’s right — it will be warm again when spring comes. He has a lifetime of riding days ahead of him. One random day in January isn’t going to get him excited.

I ended up showering and pouring a cup of coffee, and then sat watching him disassemble and reassemble his various creations over and over. It wasn’t as good as a bike ride, but it was still pretty fun.

Random link time

  • OK, this is a non-random link from our partner site: The Bontrager Oracle, which was worn by the Schleck brothers and Leopard Trek last year, is finally in stock. (Team RadioShack-Nissan-Trek will be wearing it this year.) It’s another step up the ladder for Bontrager — Trek’s in-house parts-and-accessories brand — and worth checking out if you’re looking for a new lid this year.
  • I’ve been taken recently with the idea of a Moots road bike. I have no good reason for this, considering my current road bike is more than good enough. Still, though … this is nice.
  • The VeloNews website has always been a bit of a mess. The recent redesign is baffling.

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