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It’s OK to Say Hi

The mercury hit 70 degrees in Omaha yesterday. By any stretch of the imagination, that’s pretty ridiculous for January. Last year at this time, we were girding for another winter storm to hit. And it did: As it turned out, that was the last gasp of winter. We were outside with regularity within a week. [...]

Crazy Talk

If you spend even a moderate amount of time on a bike, you have at some point — or maybe at regular points — heard this: You’re crazy. I’ve heard it upon arriving at work and upon leaving work. I’ve heard it at hardware stores, grocery stores and — inexplicably — a bike store. I’ve [...]

Different Priorities

We are in the midst of a fairly unbelievable run of weather in Nebraska — we haven’t seen snow since I went all-in and bought winter boots and snow tires and fenders. The tires are hanging on a hook, yet to be mounted. The boots have been unnecessary because it’s been so warm. Last week, [...]