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Miles and Miles

As a cycling town, Omaha is surprisingly hilly. The landscape most commonly associated with Nebraska — endless, unyielding flatness — isn’t found until you’re past Lincoln on Interstate 80. Out there, you’ll have to stretch your imagination when you see a rise in the road and decide to call it a hill. But in Omaha, [...]

Getting Greedy

Winter arrived (officially, at least) in Omaha on Thursday. Even though just last weekend it hit 54 degrees on Sunday. Next week’s highs could potentially be 45 or warmer each day. With the exception of a weeklong stretch earlier this month, we’ve been fairly free of winter weather so far at Velogear headquarters. And even [...]

Inside, Outside or In Between?

Winter has descended upon the Midwest. We had an amazing fall; a nice, slow slide into December. With only a couple of exceptions — including one day where it rained, snowed and rained again … and then we had a ‘cross race — every day was a good day to ride. But with winter here, [...]