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Giving Thanks

It’s been a pretty solid year here at Velogear. Progress was made, things were improved, we rode lots of bikes, etc. Thanks for being a part of all of that — it’s much appreciated. Things were pretty solid at VeloJones World Headquarters (aka my house), too. We welcomed another little one a few weeks ago, [...]

Conversation starters

Cyclists are a passionate bunch. You kind of have to be, don’t you? Riding for hours and hours and climbing silly grades and ripping back down the other side isn’t exactly normal. (How awesome would the world be if it was, though?) That devotion tends to breed similarly passionate discussion when you put a bunch [...]

Wardrobe amnesia

My favorite times of year are when the seasons change. Having lived in the Midwest my entire life, I’ve witnessed plenty of these transformations — it never gets old. (Additionally, I never really mind that crazy day or two each summer where the high is somehow 60 and it’s dark and cloudy the entire time. [...]