The love you take

A while back I wrote about a particularly irksome motorist on one of the more popular northbound routes out of Omaha. Though he’d never done anything dangerous toward me, he had been cited for reckless driving in altercations with other cyclists.

No, the worst thing he did to me was flip me off every time he saw me. And that’s not awful, I guess, but it’s not exactly friendly.

Since I wrote that post, I hadn’t seen that driver. Every time we rolled past his house, his car was in the driveway. I never saw it move.

As it turned out, that guy died in early August. And this is where I point out that while I didn’t want him to harass any more cyclists, I also didn’t want him to be … you know, dead.

One of my friends posted a link on his blog in June to a newspaper article in which the motorist in question was formally cited for his actions. It was nothing inflammatory, but rather a factual account of what happened.

When we found out this guy died, we took to the Internet to find out more about him. Mostly it was a case of, “Who is this guy?” When we entered his name in a Google search, the first result was my buddy’s blog post about the on-road incidents and citations.

And then, farther down, we found a proper obituary. Think about that — this guy’s lasting digital legacy is of being a jerk to his fellow human beings. While those close to him may or may not have known that already, but if anybody Googles his name, that’s what they get.

One could call that karma, I suppose. But it underscores what can happen when we get too involved in our own little problems and trials. Why is that bike in my way? Why do I have to wait? Why can’t I go faster?

The answer? Relax. Be nice. Don’t let your legacy be a post about your interpersonal skills on some random cyclist’s blog.


I did my first two ‘cross races last weekend. Rather than ease into things with a shorter race perhaps better suited to my lack of skills, ability and all-around talent, I entered the hour-long Cat. 1/2/3 throwdown.

Because why not? I race against those guys on the road; why wouldn’t I race against them in ‘cross? As it turns out, those dudes are faster than me on grass, too.

Regardless, it was still pretty fun. I’ll probably race a few more times this fall and pull the plug in early November for my annual “Don’t do anything but ride really slow and easy” training camp. It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

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