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From the Bottom Up

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the state of cycling as a sport. HTC-Highroad — the most successful team of the last three years — folded after failing to round up a title sponsor. Leopard Trek, which was hailed as a superteam less than a year ago, was wrapped into Team Radio Shack. [...]

History lessons

Imagine a cycling world where nine-speed drivetrains have always been “old,” and where the glory days of steel never happened. That’s my cycling world, which started well into the era of 10-speed cassettes and carbon fiber EVERYTHING. I’ve never owned an aluminum bike. (I know I’m not alone there, so don’t go getting all up [...]

The love you take

A while back I wrote about a particularly irksome motorist on one of the more popular northbound routes out of Omaha. Though he’d never done anything dangerous toward me, he had been cited for reckless driving in altercations with other cyclists. No, the worst thing he did to me was flip me off every time [...]