All For You

At its core, a business is only as good as the service it provides to its customers. Sure, you can have lots of cool stuff to hawk, but if you can’t take care of anybody it doesn’t really matter.

To that end, we’ve made a few changes around these parts. They’re changes that will make things better for everybody, but the end result is you get your cool stuff without nearly as much effort on our part. And it will be easier to find and order your cool stuff to begin with. Everybody wins.

Start with the main page. The whole smash has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate. New stuff on the right, sale stuff below that and a whole bunch of categories on the left. And roll your pointer over one of the categories — we have subcategories, too.

OK, we had those before, but there are a few new ones out there worth checking out. Need a new helmet? We have those now. A pair of sunglasses? Some new Sidis?

Or how about this:

Yep. You want a bike? We can get you a bike. This one is the Trek Madone 3.1, which was redesigned for 2012 and has a full SRAM Apex drivetrain. In person, that blue is something to behold.

And this is just the start. With our move to the new platform, we can offer you better (and faster) service, better variety and, overall, a better experience. We cannot, however, make you better on the bike. We can make you look good, though.

But wait … there’s more.

On October 1, or thereabouts, our brick-and-mortar store sites will go live for online purchases as well. The entire Bontrager (Trek’s in-house accessories brand) catalog will be available for purchase. That means the new RXXXL road shoe can be yours (and it should be, because it’s awesome), you can grab a pair of commuting knickers (again, awesome) or score a new jacket for winter riding (I didn’t try it on, but it looks pretty awesome).

The depth and quality of Bontrager’s 2012 product line impressed even us, and we’re well past being easily impressed. The clothing will be spot-on, the shoes are amazing and the wheels … oh, the wheels. You’ll be able to get it all.

Welcome to the next step in the evolution of Enjoy the ride.

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