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On the edge

I put new tires on my ‘cross bike the other day. The Fango, from Challenge. They’re really nice. And despite making my bike feel like it had Velcro tires, enabling me to take corners far hotter than I should have, the Fangos have left me conflicted. Not because of the cost, not because of the [...]

‘Tis the season

I spent a good portion of last night flogging myself on a cyclocross bike. I’ve been doing that for about a month now, though I’m still not sure why. It always seems like a good idea at the beginning, but halfway through you really just feel like throwing up. I had a pretty solid road [...]


If you’ve been in society at any point in the last … well, forever … you’ve noticed how very special and unique every single kid in the world is. Most likely, you were tipped to that by their parents, who told you how special and unique their kid is. It’s hard to beat parental pride, [...]

All For You

At its core, a business is only as good as the service it provides to its customers. Sure, you can have lots of cool stuff to hawk, but if you can’t take care of anybody it doesn’t really matter. To that end, we’ve made a few changes around these parts. They’re changes that will make [...]