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Take a Note: Your Logo Is Not That Important

As a disclaimer, I’ll note this right now: I’ve never taken a design class or anything anywhere close to it. That said, I’ve never taken a journalism class, either, and I seem to have figured out how to string words together in a semi-coherent manner. Now, with that out of the way, I have something [...]

Bringing It All Back Home

When I’m not pulling witty copy out of thin air, I run a bike shop. We sell Trek bikes and accessories. It’s a nice gig. Bikes are cool, and getting to spend my days surrounded by them is even cooler. But no matter how sunshiny your personality, everything becomes a drag at some point. Even [...]

It’s From the Future!

Enjoying your summer? I am, for the most part. I could have done without the ER trip for my son, who was only following directions when he jumped over the fresh sod in the back yard. We told him not to step on it, true, but we didn’t say “don’t jump over it, miss the [...]