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You Need Not Attack To Win the Tour

What follows has really nothing to do with actually winning the Tour de France. Of course you need to attack to win. Or, at the very least, you can follow somebody else when they attack, then kill ‘em in the closing time trial. No, the kind of attack we’re talking about today is the kind [...]

A Loaded Question

“What do you have to do to train for ‘cross?” I was in the middle of playing Angry Birds, or maybe reading that Thomas Voeckler interview in Cycle Sport America. Or I could well have just not been paying attention. Either way, my wife was asking me about getting ready for cyclocross. “Well, you kind [...]

Harder Than It Looks

In my youth sports and high school days, my parents made an effort to be at as many events as possible. Baseball, cross country, track, band – they put a lot of miles on the ‘ol 1992 Chevy Lumina. And when I was older, they followed me to a pair of marathons. But for this [...]

Undivided Attention

For the first six months of the year, despite near-constant internet access, and despite having plenty of opportunities to watch race coverage from around the world, I found myself blissfully ignorant of what was happening in the pro peloton. I didn’t see Phillipe Gilbert’s domination of the Spring Classics, I didn’t see Alberto Contador make [...]