Living the dream

In case you haven’t noticed, we tend to be all about the bike at VeloGear. Of the four guys entrenched at VG Headquarters on a daily basis, three of them usually have a bike in their offices. (We let the fourth guy slide, since he has to deal with our expense reports.)

As for me, it’s gotten to the point where it’s strange if the laundry doesn’t have bike stuff of some sort in it. And for some reason, I have three helmets. They’re all the same age. No, I don’t know why, but I use them all.

Our bike-first mindset aligns perfectly with a lot of the brands we carry – none more so than Capo. A small California-based company that specializes in Italian styling and production, Capo is a lifestyle brand – something you wear when you tend to be all about the bike.

Predictably, there’s a lot of Capo at our houses. The way the company rolls – get up, drink coffee, go ride all day, eat well, go to sleep (and then repeat) – fits pretty well with a typical weekend in Omaha.  Oh, and the gear looks (and wears) great, too.

A couple of weeks ago we threw a Giro d’Italia party, complete with Italian wine, cheese, bread and salted meats, courtesy of Capo and Boccalone. The next morning, bright and early, we were kitted up with our Capo rep and rolling down the road. A few hours – and probably too many climbs later – we rolled back, cleaned up and tucked into a hearty meal.

Though it was a damp, chilly day, we saw a lot of people out on their bikes. A couple from one of the groups we saw on Saturday came into one of our Omaha retail stores the next day and headed straight for the Capo racks.

“This is the stuff those guys were wearing yesterday,” one of them said. They each left with a couple of pieces, and I suspect they’ll be back for more.

Chances are if you see us out riding around, you can get what we’re wearing on And that’s not because we get good deals (we do), it’s because we like wearing it – it’s good stuff. Over the years we’ve tried almost everything. If it’s sold here, you can be assured it’s good stuff – because we probably each have some at home.

Ultimately, we’re no different than any other pack of “bike guys” – salted-meat parties notwithstanding.

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