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Upgrade Fever

It took only a few minutes at the start line of my first bike race to get upgrade fever. To my right, a full Dura-Ace bike. To my left, a bike with wheels called “Zipp.” I took a mental note: “Figure out what that means and why everybody else is starting at them, too.” Just [...]

Be Safe Out There

I grew up in a small farming town in Iowa. How small? When I go home, no matter where I go, someone greets me by name. Guaranteed. This is the same kind of town where you’ll quite often wave to your fellow motorists – even if you don’t know them. It’s just a friendly, “Hey, [...]

Road Trip

Racing season is in full swing in these parts, which means not only pinning on numbers but coordinating travel, finding motel rooms and swapping cash for gas and food in the parking lot of the race venue. When we started talking about rebuilding/reorganizing/creating a new team last fall, we thought about who should be on [...]

Living the dream

In case you haven’t noticed, we tend to be all about the bike at VeloGear. Of the four guys entrenched at VG Headquarters on a daily basis, three of them usually have a bike in their offices. (We let the fourth guy slide, since he has to deal with our expense reports.) As for me, [...]