Rainy-Day Music

The radar screen yesterday afternoon was a beautiful mess of greens, yellows, oranges and deep, deep reds. This is a pretty standard component of a Midwestern spring – humid morning, a bit of sunshine and … BAM! Afternoon fireworks.

The problem with yesterday’s afternoon fireworks was the timing. Really wet until 5 or so, a lull and then more later. Wednesday Night Worlds starts at 6, leaving everybody to wonder when that little bit of “more later” is.

In all honestly, my worry wasn’t “later,” it was riding on wet roads, being soaked to the bone within five minutes of starting and then freezing for the next two hours. Wet roads, a small group, falling temperatures … sounds like a recipe for a miserable night.

These are the thoughts that go through my head pretty much every time it’s wet outside. “Do I really want to do this?” “It’s going to be pretty crappy.” “I’m going to have to completely overhaul my bike when we get back.”

Those concerns are rarely warranted, though, and I’m always happy I went out. Even last night, as we were ripping down the paved rec trail at an inexplicable 30mph (hey, we were all alone), I was having fun.

Fun goes away a bit, though, when the rain starts again. Sure, there’s the idea of how bad-ass you look when you’re drilling it in the pouring rain and fellow citizens are in awe of your dedication to the sport. But then when one of your buddies flats – twice – during that downpour, the fun is pretty much gone.

In the end, we got it fixed and got rolling again. And despite getting home much later than I’d planned (and being really cold there for a short time), it was still fun.

That said, I’m also looking at a bike that needs to be wiped down … again … and may need some bottom-bracket work in a few days.

Eh, it was worth it. A day on the bike, even in the rain, is better than one without.

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