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Vanquishing Old Foes

For a good chunk of my first year of racing – long ago by now – I lined up against a college kid probably 10 years my junior. While I was fit and coming from five or six years of running fitness, he was young and strong and … well, 10 years younger. He put [...]

On the line

It’s a race weekend here in eastern Nebraska. There’s a Saturday criterium and a Sunday circuit race, which is code for “longer criterium.” The weather is supposed to be nice, the courses are fun and the fields will probably be stacked. In other words, I should be getting my money’s worth. I used to get [...]

Rainy-Day Music

The radar screen yesterday afternoon was a beautiful mess of greens, yellows, oranges and deep, deep reds. This is a pretty standard component of a Midwestern spring – humid morning, a bit of sunshine and … BAM! Afternoon fireworks. The problem with yesterday’s afternoon fireworks was the timing. Really wet until 5 or so, a [...]

Half-Formed Thoughts

If I had to make a list of things I fear – things that really scare the crap out of me – bees and wasps would be near the top of the list. (Assuming, of course, that horribly awful happenings are on a list of their own.) This would be partly due to seemingly malevolent [...]