Given my work schedule, home life and neighborhood locale (odd, very important and far from my teammates, in that order), I have no choice as a cyclist but to be very, very self-motivated.

I have no teammates anywhere near me, so the old, “Hey, we’re rolling past your house, jump on,” bit doesn’t apply. At home, I’ve made a commitment to avoid impacting family time with bike time. I train at odd times, mostly because nobody else is home. And the schedule? That’s just part of the bike-shop-guy deal. I have no choice but to go it alone most of the time, with only the voices in my head to keep my company.

Unlike a lot of people, I really don’t have a problem jumping on the trainer if I have something pretty specific to do. It’s only when I need to get in a long ride that I have problems. Working out – with specific intervals and times and stuff – is one thing. Just cruising along in a low heart-rate zone is … well, that’s better left for the outdoors.

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