Nope, Not Yet

Well, the great warming of December 2010 came to pass. I wrote about it in anticipation last week, just hours before kitting up and enjoying a 64-degree day.

December 30. Omaha. Sixty-four degrees.

Of course, the absolute bottom fell out of everything not long after we got back. About 45 minutes from the end of the ride, a cold gust of wind announced the beginning of the end. The temperature dropped 13 degrees in the last 10 miles or so.

We went from, “Oh, wow, it’s so nice out here,” to “Hey, guys. Stop. I need to put my arm warmers and gloves back on.”

And a half-hour after we returned, still kitted up and sipping coffee, the wind chill was 30 degrees. The ice and snow came later, along with the first dreams of spring.

Having grown up in the Midwest, I’m actually fine with winter. It’s a nice change of pace. Long stretches of 75 and sunny are nice, but I sure don’t mind a day of 50 and rain to break things up now and then. It’s the same with winter. A cold month or two (or four) makes summer that much better.

But at some point, you begin yearning for spring. It usually comes in February, when we’re teased with a few days in the mid-50s. Though you weathered the trainer or put up with 15 layers of clothing for the previous few months, those options quickly become unacceptable when compared with the road.

Often, it’s just a couple of weeks of transition and we’re into spring, with warmer winds and longer days.

This time, though, will be tough. I pulled on arm warmers before leaving the shop last week, but before I even clipped in to leave the parking lot, I took them off.

It was between 25 and 30 degrees for the duration of Tuesday’s three-plus-hour slog. I again wore arm warmers, but they were buried under a long-sleeve baselayer. Despite dressing lightly – thin, warm layers – it still felt like I was wearing a full snowsuit.

I want out. Only two more months … maybe.

Though it’s not helping alleviate spring fever, the race schedule is starting to pop up around these parts. By and large, there is racing to be had within three hours of here almost every weekend. That’s a good thing.

But as the calendar fills up, conflicting weekends are starting to take shape. Nebraska’s state time trial? Same weekend as the Cliff Drive Classic in Kansas City, the focal point of a three-race weekend. Nice.

If semi-sparsely populated areas like the Midwest plains can’t keep from overlapping races, I can’t imagine how crazy it is to schedule things in, say, the mid-Atlantic region.

That said, there are probably more than enough racers out there to do such a thing. In the Nebraska peloton, you know everybody in the bunch. Going to a race where you actually don’t know anyone is pretty exciting.

Random link time:

  • Team Leopard-Trek is officially born. Or it at least has a name and some fancy scarves. Yes, we’re working hard to get ahold of the jerseys.
  • Speaking of Trek, James Huang (tech editor of is riding one of its Transport+ cargo bikes. The introductory column is here, complete with a picture of a Trek Superfly tucked into the cargo bags. Nice!
  • Check this out. There’s a Google Maps hack to allow you to ride on any street in the world via Street View. That could be fairly entertaining … .

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    A time of the year to reflect on the previous year and look forward to a glorious new year.

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