Pressing Pause

As I wrote way back in October, I’ve carefully cultivated a “that guy” image. Cycling T-shirts, cycling socks … multiple drawers of kit with far too many coordination options. Yep, I’m that guy — at least around VeloGear Headquarters.

But when we (we being my wife and son) jump into the car (it’s an absolutely god-awful drive, by the way) and head to our tiny hometowns in north-central Iowa, that guy stays home. I’m not giving up the socks, because they’re awesome, but I don’t bring a bike (most of the time). The pan-flat roads and Iowa’s signature one-mile grid make riding a little less than fun.

In the past, I’ve taken home running clothes — my history as a runner is longer than as a cyclist — but this time around I packed light. A couple of pairs of pants, a few shirts, my shop’s long-sleeve wool jersey … that’s pretty much it.

As much as I enjoy piling up the miles in preparation for an assault on the Nebraska peloton, it’s nice to kick back for a few days. This morning, I stumbled downstairs with only coffee and breakfast in mind. No minute-by-minute coordination of the day, from daycare to dog walking to on and off the bike. Nope, just coffee and breakfast.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at it — there’s an equally god-awful return drive to make — and on Saturday we’ll be busy in the shop. The grind doesn’t stop for long around here.

But for now, for today, coffee and breakfast. Something to be thankful for, for sure.

Random link time

  • As I was doing my usual Thursday morning read-through of (what, you don’t read the whole site front to back?), I noticed those copy-writing monkeys decided to make light of my embrocation habits. While I’ll definitely take credit as the guy who invented the embrocation air freshener, I’m going to call BS on their “ask VeloJones about the time he thought he had all of the embrocation off of his fingers, then scratched his eye and spent the next five minutes doubled over a sink trying desperately to wash away that horrible, horrible heat.” Totally didn’t happen.
  • A Michigan masters racer got popped on Wednesday for using EPO. Read that again. Then follow the link to check out his results. Dude, I think you got duped.
  • Trek was issued a patent this week for its ABP suspension design — the style found in its Fuel and Top Fuel lines. I don’t know much about the technical business or the legal business involved with all of that (I have a personal bike caddy who handles all of that), but I know this: It’s great design. It works well. All hail things that work well.

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