Pressing Pause

As I wrote way back in October, I’ve carefully cultivated a “that guy” image. Cycling T-shirts, cycling socks … multiple drawers of kit with far too many coordination options. Yep, I’m that guy — at least around VeloGear Headquarters.

But when we (we being my wife and son) jump into the car (it’s an absolutely god-awful drive, by the way) and head to our tiny hometowns in north-central Iowa, that guy stays home. I’m not giving up the socks, because they’re awesome, but I don’t bring a bike (most of the time). The pan-flat roads and Iowa’s signature one-mile grid make riding a little less than fun.

In the past, I’ve taken home running clothes — my history as a runner is longer than as a cyclist — but this time around I packed light. A couple of pairs of pants, a few shirts, my shop’s long-sleeve wool jersey … that’s pretty much it.

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