Ground Rules

For the better part of my life – save for a two-year, post-college stretch – I’ve been a skinny guy. Slim-fit jeans as a kid, easily pulling on the Euro-fit bike jerseys as an adult.

Yep, that’s me.

A good portion of that could be attributed to staying active, but also – I think – to youth. I’m 33. But I can see the writing on the wall. I know where this is heading.

And when you add aging to the growing responsibilities (feeding the family, not running a business into the ground, etc.) of an old guy, it’s easy to see how you go from “skinny guy” to “former skinny guy.” Where it used to take weeks and weeks of less riding and more food to gain a pound, it’s now more like one week.

So I’m setting some ground rules, mostly because I like the idea of rules. And I need to stay at least 10 pounds lighter than a co-worker whose rapid skinnyfication has turned him into an absolute beast. Also, I really like those skinny-fit Capo jerseys.

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